Ohio - 1  District 10 & 11 AARP TaxAide

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Expense Account



 INS - Instructors
 CF - Client Facilitators
 LC - Local Coordinators
 COU - Counselors
 TrC - Training Coordinator
 ERO - Electronic Return Originators
 TC - Technical Coordinator
 AC - Administrative Coordinator
 CC - Communications Coordinator
 DC - District Coordinator

Filing an Expense Account

  • Non-Leaders - Non-Leaders may submit either a flat rate mileage request or an itemized mileage request. Itemized mileage for Non-Leaders consists of Expense Code I (that's a capital letter "I") for counseling and Expense Code T for Training. Both types of expense accounts may be submitted through the AARP Portal using the FAST system. 
  • Leaders may claim the leader flat rate mileage or itemized mileage. Leader itemized mileage includes codes I and T plus code B for coordinating. Leaders may also claim other expenses such as postage.  Leader itemized mileage may be claimed on the FAST system. All other expenses are currently claimed on paper expense accounts with receipts attached. (Exception: no receipts are needed for the leader flat rate mileage expense.)