Ohio - 1  District 10 & 11 AARP TaxAide

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IF :  A taxpayer comes to your site for his/her appointment.  
AND IF :  Your site is not equipped to process the type of return this taxpayer will require, e.g. Health Savings Account. 
THEN :  When encountering these situations a site should screen the taxpayer information to determine if the specific request qualifies for referral. 

PLEASE NOTE: While other sites may be certified in these areas there are still some restrictions on what we are allowed to prepare. We do NOT want to refer a taxpayer to another site only to have the taxpayer's request rejected again due to being out of scope.


Rental Properties

  •      If a taxpayer is claming revenue only, (no expenses), any site may prepare this return.
  •      If a taxpayer is claiming revenue AND expenses, a site with at least two volunteers certified on the Military Module may prepare this return.
  •      If a taxpayer is claiming revenue, expenses AND depreciation, the return is Out of Scope for the AARP TaxAide program.


Health Savings Account (HSA)

  • Screening Procedure outlined in Pub 4012  (Volunteer Resource Guide) on page E-2. The referral site must have at least two volunteers with optional HSA certification. 

As long as the screening test is passed the taxpayer may be referred to another site qualified for the situation that pertains to their return:

MILITARY  (Rentals with expenses, but NO depreciation)

  • Gunning Rose Center
  • Carnegie West Library


  • Brooklyn

Click here to go to Schedules page to get information regarding these locations, days and hours of operation, as well as contact information for Appointments.