Ohio - 1  District 10 & 11 AARP TaxAide

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Volunteer Portal

AARP maintains a Volunteer Portal for TaxAide Volunteers.  Use this web portal to submit mileage expenses, etc., at the end of tax season.

If you have access to a computer, click here to login to the AARP Volunteer Portal

If you already have an established account, enter your login (email address) and password you chose when you registered at the site.  
     If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot Password? Click Here link.
     If you do not have an account, click on the New User? Register Here link.

Please Note: While all browsers should work, AARP states that Internet Explorer works best when accessing the Volunteer Portal.
How to create your account:

     1. You will need your AARP official volunteer account number.  If you cannot locate your number, please contact your site leader to obtain it.


1. In order to complete your expense reimbursement, you must first login to the AARP Volunteer Portal (details above)

2. Click in the Search box and enter your name.

3. Click on your name.

4. Scroll down a couple of times until you find Volunteer Assignments section.

5. In the 6th column over from the left, click on the underlined Volunteer Assignment Number.

6. In Reimbursement section, click on New Reimbursement.

7. Use the appropriate directions below to claim your reimbursement (Leader vs. Non-Leader, Flat Rate vs. Itemized Expenses) These pdf files can be downloaded to your computer or printed to assist you with filling out the form. N.B., these directions are also found in this document.

8. If you have any issues with using this form, please contact your site leader for assistance

If after registering you get one of the errors shown below… 

Please contact the [email protected] or call 1-888-925-2002 to arrange to update your record in the Tax-Aide database and receive a temporary password by email.

On occasion, the AARP help telephone number has not been able to resolve an issue for a volunteer.  If this happens to you, please contact your District Coordinator or your Technical Coordinator, Ashok Vasavada ("Ash").

Once you have registered with the website you will see this welcome screen. 

(Note that you can change any Profile info by clicking Update Profile-- e.g. address, phone numbers, etc.)